February 06, 2009

Cuba Gooding Jr. for Cialis

Valentines Day do's and donts for guys

TO: Gentlemen, brothers, members of the Y-chromosome club
FROM: Your conscience
SUBJ: Valentine's Day

Put down the remote, step away from the recliner and listen up: I've got good news, and I've got bad news.

First, the bad news: It's almost Valentine's Day again.

Remember last year? And the year before that?

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Local Porn Buyer Jim Scott

February 03, 2009

SuperBowl Comercials.......get some!!!


Been there......done that!

This seven-year-old, returning from the dentist, began hallucinating after heavy doping for a tooth extraction. Watch his father become so concerned that he immediately retrieves a video camera and posts his son's incoherent muttering on YouTube.

January 27, 2009

Lingerie Bowl VI


Lingerie Bowl VI takes place Sunday and In Game Now has the most in-depth preview you'll ever see ... Carrie Stroup will be the reporter everyone is asking about tomorrow at the debacle known as Media Day ... Here's the definitive Marisa Miller bikini gallery ... England's soccer WAGs continue to amaze.

Your Spy Name!

Your International Spy Name is Guy Whisper
Your Code Name: Kneecaps

You Reside in: Venice

Why You're a Good Spy: You're a good liar

January 26, 2009

America's Sexiest Sportscaster


I'm sure you're confused by Erin Andrews' picture not being at the top of Hot Clicks given the above headline, but there's a reason. On Friday, Playboy.com announced the five finalists in its yearly poll that determines American's Sexiest Sportscaster. The finalists are Andrews, Bonnie Bernstein, Lauren Shehadi, Charissa Thompson and Molly Sullivan. Obviously, you know who gets the Hot Clicks' vote. And quite frankly, this competition is akin to the '85 Bears (EA) playing the '09 Lions (everyone else). But what struck me the most was the omission of the Big Ten Network's Ashley Russell. Outside of EA, the sportscaster I get the most e-mails about is Russell. For now, Russell fans will just have to settle for this Q&A and photo gallery from Men's Fitness.

January 21, 2009

Ever missed an important date or Birthday?

Ever forget a friend’s Birthday or miss a special date? Of course you have, we all have and with our busy life style who hasn’t?
Never miss another Birthday OR another important date again.  Yourimportantdates will send an email to you reminding you of your special Birthday date of your family member or friend up to a week in advance! When you purchase below you can enter up to 3 email addresses or cell phone text email address to be notified of your special date reminder for only $5 per appointment.

Go here to check it out: http://manlaw.typepad.com/myplace/

January 17, 2009

Essential Super Bowl Party Games

The Super Bowl stopped being a game a long time ago. Now, it is an event. Therefore, you can't approach your Super Bowl Party n the same manner that you would some semi-meaningless Week 7 game between the Texans and Browns.

No sir. You want your Super Bowl party to rock. And you want your party to be equipped for the fact that more than half of the Super Bowls ever played have been blowouts. And the best way to do that is to have several Super Bowl party games handy in case things get out of hand.

Depending on how rowdy or reckless your group is willing to be there are numerous drinking games at your disposal. Just remember to keep the rules simple, keep the rules light, and make sure they are clearly stated beforehand.

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