March 08, 2009

Happy Monday

March 06, 2009

A miracle!!!!


And who says there is no such thing as a miracle?
Lucky  man  wins  the  lottery  and  finds  love  in  the  same  week
Can  you  believe  it?   This  guy  wins  84  million  in  the  lottery  on  a  Wednesday , and  then  finds  a  fiancé  just  2  days  later .
 Talk  about  a  Miracle  !



March 05, 2009

Did You Know This About Leather Dresses?

Do you know that when a woman wears a leather dress, a man's heart beats quicker, his throat gets dry, he gets weak in the knees, and he begins to think irrationally???
Ever wonder why? Image001 

It's because she smells like a new golf bag!

Photo of the Day: Marines Not Impressed With Commander Cut & Run


March 04, 2009

F Tards prevail!!!!Global Warming Rally Goes On Despite Snow

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hundreds of demonstrators on Monday urged Congress to pass legislation to reduce greenhouse gases, and they targeted the government's own Capitol power plant as a symbol of the problem.

An enthusiastic crowd of mostly young people marched from a park near the Capitol to the power plant several blocks away, where they planned to block entrances to the plant and were prepared to get arrested. The group chanted along the way, "We don't want the world to boil, no coal, no oil!"

Despite attempts by lawmakers to clean up the power plant in southeast Washington, it still burns coal and accounts for a third of the legislative branch's greenhouse gas emissions.

"We need to move rapidly for a clean energy future," said Charlie Garlow, of Silver spring, Md., who was dressed as a smokestack on Monday. Asked about what he hopes the rally will accomplish, he replied, "We want to make sure a good bill gets passed, not a watered down one."

The group met about a dozen counter-demonstrators who held signs reading: "Our economy runs on coal." The counter-demonstrators argued that coal is affordable and that renewable alternatives to coal-fired power plants won't meet a growing demand for electricity.

The Capitol power plant hasn't generated electricity since 1952, but it does provide steam for heating and chilled water for cooling buildings within the Capitol complex.

The protest on energy and climate comes as Washington digs out from its largest snowfall of the season. Organizers note that climate change causes more extreme weather, and they say the issue is important enough that people are willing to brave the cold.

"God has a sense of humor," said protester Rhody Streeter, of Louisville, K.Y., referring to the weather.

Organizers had expected 2,500 demonstrators to take part in the rally.

CNN Anchor Can't Tell 'Nuts From ...


A U.S. airline is now selling "penis" on flights, an anchorwoman has declared.

The slip-up happened on CNN when anchorwoman Zain Verjee was reporting about Northwest Airlines now selling peanuts on flights.

Verjee mentioned the word "penis" three times instead of "peanuts."

"Northwest began serving penis this month as its merger partner Atlanta-based Delta airlines has done for years," Verjee said.

"Georgia is the top penis producing state in the country."

The footage has been uploaded to YouTube in many different versions and has become an internet sensation with more than 700,000 views today.

Perhaps the caption at the bottom of the screen distracted her – it declared "nuts on Northwest flights."

Click to watch the video on YouTube,2933,504408,00.html

February 24, 2009

Kid Rock Stimulates Economy With Beer

Kr_WEB  Few things are as American as rock n' roll. And few things are as American as an ice cold beer. Or rather, BEEEEEEEEE-EEEEEER!

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Detroit Pistons????

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February 13, 2009

Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training - Amazing videos are here

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